Project Eco-Escolas (Eco-Schools)

projeto eco escolas

The Eco-Escolas (Eco-Schools) Program that our school has applied for aims to encourage actions, recognize and reward the work developed by the school in improving its environmental performance, space management and community awareness. It presents two prioritary objectives: to stimulate the habit of participation by actively involving children in decision-making and to motivate the need to change attitudes and adopt sustainable behaviors in daily life, at a personal, family and community level.

This project enunciates distinct steps, which will address issues such as water, waste, energy, climate change, biodiversity and organic farming.

Throughout the school year and during the commemorative environment days, we will celebrate, for example, World Water Day, World Meteorological Day, International Day of Biodiversity, among others. Wanting to pass on the message of continuity throughout the year of the concerns, cares and actions to be carried out for a balanced and healthy environment.

Activities such as “Life on the farm”, “Educational droplet” and “A plant for you” are part of the project, with the main objective of involving the children and the whole school community in the thought that together we will be able to make a fundamental contribution to the stabilization and rebalancing of the environment.

The Astoria International School Pedagogical Department