To educate for success we need to educate for politeness

To educate for success we need to educate for politeness

educate for successAs Colégio Europeu Astoria’s educators we should lead our children through path of politeness and help them learn to collect the benefits of a pleasant attitude.

This is not an easy job because according to Fred Astaire, “The hardest job kids face today is learning manners without seeing any” and this is the main reason why here at this private school in Lisbon we are so committed to turn this tendency off our society. This mission starts with helping our children to grow as polite and self aware citizens of the world.

First of all, we start by explaining Colégio Europeu Astoria’s students that polite expressions such as please, thank you, excuse me and I’m sorry, make other people feel respected and appreciated and that by speaking politely to them we are showing kindness and respect for other.

In order to make it easy to learn those expressions/ phrases, as educators we should lead by example. At Colégio Europeu Astoria our daily activities motivate children in using these expressions in the English language.

One thing we must have in mind is that whether in day-care, kindergarten or elementary school children look towards us as role models. Therefore, the English cultural environment aims for a universal definition of interacting socially in a healthy way.

Being polite also leads to accepting different cultures and realities. So the importance of politeness is the same of education because in order to educate for success we need to educate for politeness.

International Department of Colégio Europeu Astoria