Vivências de um elemento da equipa Comenius no Colégio Europeu Astoria

Boa tarde todo gente,

First I would like to wish  all of you and your family a happy Easter. I still don’t know what I’m going to do this weekend, all depends on the weather. But tomorrow night I will be the biggest supporter in Estadio da Luz. Indeed, I’m going to see the soccergame Benfica – Rio Ave.  I’m so excited! It will be the first live soccergame of my life!

Last weekend I went to Coïmbra and Porto. In Coïmbra we saw the beautiful golden library of the university of Coïmbra. It was breathtaking! I never saw so many books together. It was like a dream. It’s difficult to explain my feelings during this visit with words. When you ever saw or will see this ‘bookheaven’ you will understand what I felt. On Saturday and Sunday I visited Porto in company of my roommate. On Saturday we had two guided tours. The guide, with a big heart for Porto showed us the pearls of his city. We also saw the famous ‘Harry Potter bookshop’.  J.K. Rowling inspired the staircase in the Harry Potter books on the staircase of  this bookshop. You weren’t allowed to take pictures, but I’m sure you will find some pictures of this ‘fairy staircase’ on Google.

But the most important experiences here in Lisbon are my experiences at school. Last week was a short week, because on Friday school was closed. We had a free day because of Easter. On Monday I started in miss C’s class and her kids. Again it’s a whole different way of teaching. On Monday kids were taught about the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh ‘Field with two rabbits’. The kids made this painting with paint and added eastern eggs. The kids were full of attention and worked together as a team to finish the painting. I had a final consulting meeting with miss C. about cultural week. Next week I’m going to introduce Belgium by doing activities with the Preschoolers. We are going to meet Rene Magritte and Panamarenko. We are going to learn something about the Atomium, a famous building in our capital, Brussels. The kids are going to have an appointment with the king of Belgium. But I would like to tell you more about the experiences next week. It will be a surprise!
Enjoy the Eastern weekend and  you will find out everything about cultural week next Saturday on my blog.