AIS, a private school, located in Lisbon, offers 3º Ciclo courses that welcome children aged between 13 and 15 years old (from the 7th to the 9th year of schooling).

● Students also gain internationally recognized qualifications by learning the English language in line with the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum.

● 3º Ciclo students benefit from organization and study method programs, creative writing, and activities in the areas of calligraphy and spelling.

● These complementary programs consist of support classes in Portuguese and Mathematics, activities for planning study time, reading and writing, problem solving, writing notes, and preparation for assessment forms.

The teaching method is enriched by an international educational project, inspired by the theoretical component of the modern school movement and Howard Gardner’s system of multiple intelligences.

We believe that each child learns differently, according to their uniqueness, a principle that we value through the exploration of different areas. Our method aims to acquire knowledge and develop creative thinking, in the different areas of languages, sciences, arts, culture and sport.


Teaching at Astoria International School in the 3º Ciclo benefits from interdisciplinarity between the various curricular areas, as this is fundamental for success in different learning processes.


In the 3º Ciclo, fundamental concepts and values ​​for the socio-pedagogical development of AIS students are worked on, such as: autonomy, critical spirit, the ability to reflect and question the world, through group work and reflections, individual and collective projects, and other activities that meet the interests of our students.


AIS teaching focuses on communication and develops the five skills that form the basis of a language: Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening and Speaking.

The strategies used to develop these five areas are carried out taking into account the age group and the characteristics presented by each group.

The area of ​​design and citizenship plays a fundamental role in building citizens aware of the contemporary global and intercultural world, thus essential projects are developed to work on these themes.


Our 3º Ciclo students benefit from direct intervention from the Psychology and Guidance Office and, in conjunction with teachers and coordinators in monitoring students, they are included in organization and study method programs, creative writing, and in the areas of calligraphy and orthography.

These complementary programs consist of classes on study methods and personal organization, Portuguese and Mathematics support, study time planning activities, reading and writing, problem solving, writing notes, and preparation for assessment forms.

Extracurricular activities

At our school, education goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. We recognize that the learning process is unique for each student and requires comprehensive support. Therefore, we are committed to offering complementary programs that not only reinforce academic knowledge, but also promote essential skills for personal and professional success.

Our extracurricular activities not only complement the academic curriculum, but also enable our students to become autonomous, creative and resilient learners. We are committed to providing an environment that nurtures not only the intellect but also the emotional well-being and personal development of each student.


3º Ciclo
(from 12 to 14 years old)




Application form

    1) Registration of new students can be carried out throughout the year in accordance with current legislation.

    2) After the family has completed the registration form, AIS sends an email requesting to schedule a visit with the Department of Psychology and Guidance, where the AIS educational project and access conditions will be presented.

    3) Student registration will be carried out after a face-to-face visit to the school, by completing and signing the documentation necessary for registration at AIS.

    4) Payment of the registration fee includes the cost of school insurance.

    5) In case of student withdrawal/transfer to another educational establishment, the registration fee will not be refunded.

    6) Enrollment, which confers student status at Astoria International School, implies acceptance of the applicable legal rights and duties of the Internal Regulations.