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Bilingual Teaching

ensino bilingue, inglês e português,The teaching of English is a constant in the daily routine of children.

As a private school in Lisbon, the Astoria International School - Colégio Europeu Astoria is defined by quality education in kindergarden and primary school.

The English language is a constant practice in the daily routine of children.

In a bilingual framework, Astoria students, from Nursery to primary school, communicate with the team of educators / teachers in a fluid way of learning and teaching thematic routines where they combine in Portuguese and English.

Activities such as the “good morning” song, the presences ´map routine, the learning autonomy in hygiene and nutrition, translate the understanding and production of the English language into natural communication.ensino em ingles, colegio com atividades em ingles,

Curriculum areas such as the knowledge of the world, learning habits, customs and cultural experiences are a constant and this way the English language is extended to all Astoria families.

Because " Together we educate better " the knowledge of the daily teaching activities of your children, as well as the participation in many other activities, allows that the bilingual environment can be carried home through shared activities, songs and ideas to implement in family time as an exchange between the school staff and the parents.