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Trilingual Education in Primary School

ensino trilingue no 1 ciclo, alemão no colégio europeu astoriaO Alemão é a terceira língua que ensinamos a partir do 3º ano do 1º ciclo

We may ask why learning a second and third language in basic education of our children. There are also studies indicating that the early introduction of a language other than the mother tongue delays the onset of speech. These same studies also indicate that children with bilingual family frameworks acquire language later, but in a more fluent and effective way. Throughout these 20 years in education, belonging to the group Atlas Corporation, the experience tells us that language acquisition, having a strong basis of the mother tongue, the introduction of another language in schools is highly beneficial not only for acquisitions of meanings, as well as the child's skills to communicate.

The kids amaze us every day. At first, what we expect often are the initial effects as first step in understanding of English and German languages, but soon they start their production in speaking quickly and intuitively. Learning English and German in a playful way, the "Learn by doing it", trying a typically English or German recipe, counting the colleagues in the room, singing the “Good Morning” song in English, learning the names of foods, communicating about food at mealtime, is to make the contextualization of learning a powerful tool in everyday life of our school.

With a qualified teaching staff in the area of ​​English and German cultures and Anglo-Saxon and German traditions, our children can acquire much more than the knowledge of a language, they can “taste”, touchensino trilingue, colegio com ensino trilingue a partir do 1 ciclo and have a sight of a different culture which opens their horizons envisioning a world larger than the country where they live, in the tail of Europe.

From the 3rd grade, Astoria students integrate a 3rd language in the school curriculum. The German language is the language chosen because of its very logical and organized learning structure. It also gives them strong skills for a future success in the frame of a globalizing Europe. So, every day German classes will be part of the routine of the students with the aim of understanding and speaking German and preparing themselves for language examinations monitored by the Goethe Institute.