The school’s educational activity provides, from kindergarden to primary school, three basic types of learning: learning to Be, learning to Act, learning to Innovate.

The educational project of our school aims to answer to the development of the children that we educate. The curricular guidelines are present in the school’s Educational Project/ Curriculum.

In these fields of action we would like to emphasize the teaching of the sense of citizenship, always present in all the educational activity.

1. Learning to Be

colégio europeu astoria - aprender a serEvery child is, and should be, regarded as a unique being. The school should allow the development of its personality, so that, in the future, it can think and act independently and responsibly.





2. Learning to Act

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Learning to Act refers mainly to the practical application of the acquired skills. This component is assumed as one of the great challenges of education, since it operates in several areas such as social behavior and moral values.

It is essential that each child develops an attitude of understanding the other, considering values such as solidarity, tolerance, mutual aid, freedom, friendship. It is also very important to learn how to manage challenges that will naturally arise in a balanced and effective way. Learning to live in harmony with those around them is fundamental to the development and fulfillment of the human being.



3. Learning to Innovate

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This learning is related to the cognitive processes such as logical reasoning, comprehension, deduction and memory. We aim that each student learns to understand the world and develops an attitude of constant questioning and deepening of knowledge through activities such as playing and re-create existing games.