Raising happy children means to support the family, taking into account the demanding and the competitive world in which we live in.

Because together we educate better, the articulation of experiences between the school and family is important for a healthy development in the teaching-learning process of a child. Astoria International School – Colégio Europeu Astoria offers an environment of trust and a direct collaboration with the families. Therefore, we have extended our timetable, working from 7:30 am to 8 pm, where the extracurricular activities complement the educational skills acquired during the curricular activities.

Our Extracurricular activities are the following:

Yoga –  A baby should be stimulated through the senses. The attendance of yoga classes will allow the neurological development of the child’s from 12 months on. Besides, this activity will strengthen the bonds of affection between parents and their baby.

Timetable: Once a week – 30 min.

In Swimming Classes, from 3 years old on, children are introduced to the aquatic environment, allowing them to “swim, play and dive like “ducks” and “dolphins “, developing their capability to know their own body and enabling them to explore their physical abilities.

Timetable: Once a week – 30 to 40 min.


Judo, from 3 years old on, allows children to organize their thoughts and to establish notions of respect for themselves and for others;

Timetable: Twice a week – 30 min.



Ballet, from 3 years old on, develops physical skills such as flexibility, agility and coordination;

Timetable: Twice a week – 30 min.



Piano Classes, from 3 years old on, is a musical activity that develops the sense of rhythm and sound, as well as, motor coordination;

Timetable: Once a week – 45 min.



Violin Classes, from 3 years old on, is a musical activity that will develop the child’s coordination and musical sensibility;

Timetable: Once a week -45 min.



German Classes, from 6 years old on, allows the child to contact with a second foreign language. Being a language with logical features, the learning of the German language allows vocalic development and contributes to the improvement of speech regarding a foreign language learning.


Timetable: Twice a week – 30 min.


Computer Science, from 5 years old on, is an activity that allows students to see the world from different perspectives; Introduction to the virtual world under supervised learning.

Timetable: twice a week – 30 min.