Em plena Lisboa…no nosso jardim ouvem-se passarinhos e plantam-se cenouras na nossa horta

colégio europeu astoria exteriorIn Lisbon centre…we hear birds singing in our garden next to the tree where we sow carrots!
The school’s educational area is quite spacious: it has a covered area of 600 m2 and a school yard of 450m2.
The facilities were specially engineered by a team of architects and interior designers. The team’s aim was to create facilities that allowed the development of curricular activities in a familiar and magical environment, enabling the development of learning in an efficient and effective way.
All classrooms are equipped with computer and video projector.



sala 1º ciclo

·         Classrooms for elementary school.

·         Rooms for Kindergarten

·         Rooms for Nursery

·         Rooms for Daycare

·         1 Meal Room

·         1 Pantry

·         1 Waiting Room

·         1 Pavillion

·         1 Resources Centre (IT: “The @t Room” and the project: “Discovering Books”)

polivalente, exterior colégio astoria

.         3 Offices (Psychology, Nursing, Meeting Room)

·         3 Studios (for artistic expression, Drama and Music classes)