The mission of a school in Lisbon that Europe is on its way to educate

missao-e-valoresLocated in Lisbon, the Astoria International School – Colégio Europeu Astoria is a private school that offers a bilingual education (English/Portuguese) until the 2nd Year of the 1st cycle, and trilingual system (English/German/Poprtuguese) on the 3rd and 4th Year of the elementary school. The school has the valences of nursery, Day-care, Kindergarten, 1st cycle, and Weekend activities and tutor times. Its cutting edge educational project is based on the language teaching. It aims to develop an innovative education for children from 4 months on.
It is our mission “Trainning for success” and our motto is to “Innovate, Create and Grow”, Astoria International School – Colégio Europeu Astoria offers an educational range of possibilities that allows its students to develop their knowledge in areas such as literacy, maths, sciences, arts, music and theater.

It is our children that make us grow, makes us want to conquer up new horizons of education, strengthen international partnerships that will allow us to provide them what we know best … EDUCATE.
This is our gift to our children, to give our best in a secure, trust worthy and quality environment. It is our intention to educate FOR SUCCESS.

The teaching method used at school is based on a combination of the application of Modern School Movement and the system of multiple intelligences, created by Howard Gardner. This system believes that all human beings have different ways of learning and processing information and learning methods that are quite independent of each other. As each child learns differently, this method allows children to explore their creativity independently.

The development of the educational vision of the Astoria International School – Colégio Europeu Astoria combines an education whose quality and scientific rigor-teaching are possible through a team of educational reference, with training in pedagogic, linguistic, artistic and operational. We have a multidisciplinary team trained in child pedagogy, English language and first aid.