Psychology office supports families from nursery to elementar school.

Colégio Europeu Astoria in Lisbon offers a Psychology office, trying to meet not only the needs of children but also the needs of families. Its main purpose is to fit the child in, the best possible in the school environment, promoting adaptation, learning and cognitive stimulation, given its difficulties,desires and interests, as well as to create a support to the family in order to obtain the resources needed to deal with the child, promoting a balanced development.



– Individual Psychological Support for Children;
– Parental counseling;
– Monitoring the Group;
– Organization of Workshops and Seminars;
– Primary Prevention Program;
– Social Network Coordination.

Opening hours

The psychology office will be available in a prper office for family counseling

This kind of support includes a diagnostic interview and a follow-up, and if necessary, a structured and planned psychological support, that is made with the help of a multidisciplinary team.