Astoria International School is a private school located in Lisbon that has a cutting-edge educational project based on language learning and aims to develop innovative teaching for children from 4 months old. 

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We offer Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary School and Lower Secondary School , taught with a bilingual teaching system (English/Portuguese) until the 2nd year of Primary School, and a trilingual system (English/German/Portuguese) in the 3rd and 4th year of Primary School. 


With the mission “To Train for Success” and the motto “Innovate, Create and Grow”, we present an educational offer that provides our students with development in the areas of literacy, logic-mathematics, science, fine arts, music and drama. 

It is our children who make us grow, conquer new educational horizons and strengthen international partnerships so that we can offer them what we know best: EDUCATION.


Our mission is “Train for Success”, and our motto is “Innovate, Create, Grow”. Our principles are accuracy, innovation, creativity, respect and well-being. 

The teaching method is enriched by a dynamic and enterprising educational project, based on a combination of the application of the modern school movement and Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences system. 

This system argues that everyone has different ways of learning and processing information. As each child learns differently, our method allows for the exploration of creativity in an autonomous way. 


Located in the heart of Lisbon, Astoria International School’s facilities are very spacious: with a covered area of 600m² and a 450m² patio area. 

All activities take place in structures specially designed by a team of architects and interior decorators for the development of curricular activities in a familiar and magical environment, providing the development of learning in an efficient and effective way. All classrooms are equipped with computers and video projectors.