Noncurricular activities are organized during the periods where no academic activities take place and are announced in due course. These activities, such as workshops, extracurricular activities and After School Activities, will enable the child to develop social and creative skills, which are not experienced during classes. 

Month Day School Activities
20 New students integration
(integration will be done according to the date agreed with the families,
comprising the period between 20th August to 17th September)
17 Beginning of school activities – Daycare and Kindergarten
Beginning of the academic year- Primary and Secondary School
Cherry Blossom Classroom Parents’ Meeting
Tulipe Rouge Classroom Parents’ Meeting
18 Blaue Blume Classroom Parents’ meeting
Edelweiss Classroom Parents’ meeting
19 Lilies Classroom Parents’ meeting
Waterlilies Classroom Parents’ meeting
20 Preschoolers Classroom Parents’ meeting
Butterflies Classroom Parents’ meeting
21 International Peace Day Celebration
23 Autumn
1 Fireflies Classroom Parents’ Meeting
Twinkles Classroom Parents’ Meeting
2 Pumpkins Classroom Parents’ Meeting
Sunflowers Classroom Parents’ Meeting
3 Guppies Classroom Parents’ Meeting
Sugar Babies Classroom Parents’ Meeting
Dreamy Babies Classroom Parents’ Meeting
1 to 5 International Music Day Celebration (October 1st)
4 World Animal Day Celebration
5 Bank Holiday
8 Republic Implementation Day Commemorations (October 5th)
Teacher’s Day Celebration (October 5th)
16 World Food Day Celebration
31 Halloween
1 Bank Holiday
9 St. Martin’s Day
20 International Children’s Rights Day – Primary School
22 Thanksgiving (November 26th)
1 Bank Holiday
8 Bank Holiday
15 School Christmas Party
17 Dec to 2 Jan Christmas School Interruption
21 Winter
24 to 26 Closed for Christmas Break
31 Dec to 2 Jan Closed for New Year’s Break
3 to 8 Enrollment Renewal for the 2019/2020 Academic Year
3 Start of 2nd Term- Primary and Secondary School
4 Twelfth Night Celebration
14 Valentine’s Day Celebration
1 Carnival Parade
4 to 6 Carnival School Interruption – Primary and Secondary School
4 and 5 Carnival (School is Closed)
8 International Women’s Day Celebration- Primary and Secondary School
17 St. Patrick’s Day
19 Father’s Day Celebration
20 Spring
21 World Tree and Forest Day Celebration
22 World Water Day Celebration
Father’s Day Workshop – Primary and Secondary School
27 World Theatre Day Celebration
1 to 5 Culture Week
8 to 22 Easter School Interruption – Primary and Secondary School
8 and 19 Easter (School is Closed)
23 Start of 3rd Term – Primary and Secondary School
St George’s Day – England National Day
24 Comemoração do Dia da Liberdade – Jardim-de-Infância, 1º e 2º Ciclo (25 de Abril)
25 Bank Holiday
1 Bank Holiday
2 May Day Celebration (May 1st) – Secondary School
2 and 3 Trinity Exams for Preschoolers and Primary School
3 Mother’s Day Celebration (5th May)
6 Mother’s Day Workshop – Primary and Secondary School
15 International Family Day Celebration
23 Cambridge Young Learners Exams (2nd, 3rd and 4th grade) – Primary School
31 World Children’s Day Celebration – Fun workshops for all children (June 1st)
5 World Environment Day Festivities
6 National Assessment Tests- Secondary School
10 Bank Holiday
11 Portugal National Day Celebration
12 National Assessment Tests- Secondary School
Saint Anthony’s Day Celebration
13 Bank Holiday
17 and 19 National Assessment Tests – Primary School
21 Summer
End of Academic Year – Primary and Secondary School
End of School Activities
23 Final School Party
24 Graduation Trip – Secondary School
School Trip to Celebrate the End of Academic Year
1 to 12 Beach Activities
15 to 31 Summer Workshops
1 to 16 Closed for Holidays
19 to 30 Summer Workshops